JPCML Photography LLC


Capturing a moment takes more than a camera. It takes an eye trained by years of experience to identify the lighting, lens, aperture, and exposure required to make a moment truly stand out.

We have experience in a wide range of photographic situations. Contact us to discuss your photography needs. Chances are, we'll not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. Contact us today!

Our most popular photography services include:

  • Portrait
  • Wedding
  • Special events
  • In-house high-quality processing
  • Private sessions

We're always open to new challenges. If you have a special request, We'd love to hear about it.

There's nothing like shopping around for a photographer and you can't find any prices. We are straight forward with our pricing with customizable collections that fit what you're looking for.

Our prices range from $65-$825 for portraiture sessions.

$275-$475 for events


$355-$1595 for Engagements & Weddings 

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